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Would You Like to be Paddled or Suspended? (Part 3)
Autumn is called in for her paddling. She bends over and is paddled hard over her jeans. She has a very hard time holding...
Katie's Laundry Mishap
J's socks are pink and he's not happy about it. He uses a leather strap on Katie's bare bottom.
Would You Like to be Paddled or Suspended? (Part 2)
The second girl called in is Devon, who also chooses a paddling. She is paddled over her jeans, 10 swats, which leaves her...
Roxie: Long, Hard and Embarrassing OTK Spanking
Even though she is now finished with high school, it does not mean that she will not be spanked when it is required....
Would You Like to be Paddled or Suspended? (Part 1 of 3)
Syrena, Devon and Autumn are all ordered to the office to be given the choice of a paddling or a suspension. Syrena is...
Monica Punished with Belt and Paddle (Part 2 of 2)
Mr. M returns with a wooden bread board paddle and spanks Monica on the bare bottom. She is then sent to her room for the...
Paddled by Danny
Kajira protests getting spanked by Danny, and runs from him. He catches her and bends her over for a bottom blistering...
Kiki Spanked Before Bed
Kiki is taken over Mr. M's knee in her pajamas for a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom.
Monica Punished With Belt and Paddle (Part 1 of 2)
Monica is yet again late with the car, this has become a constant as of late. She is quickly laid over the ottoman and...
Spanking Test: Devon
Devon is spanked for a full two minutes OTK by Betty.
Drop Seat PJ Punishment
Harlan is told to get into her pajamas and assume the position to wait for her punishment. Mr. M arrives and blisters her...
School Swats: Kiki
Kiki is interviewed and then bent over for 10 swats with the wooden paddle over her jeans.
Roxie Caught Without Panties (Part 2 of 2)
Roxie enters her room, undresses and assumes the position to wait for Mr. Heisenberg. When he enters he removes his belt...
Harlan's School Swats
Harlan is interviewed and then paddled over the jeans and panties for another addition of School Swats.
Roxie Caught Without Panties (Part 1 of 2)
Mr. Heisenberg confronts Roxie about her clothing. She appears to have lost her panties at some point during the day. he...
School Swats: Alyssa and Syrena (Part 2 of 2)
Syrena then picks a paddle she has not yet tried, and bends over for her School Swats.
School Swats: Alyssa and Syrena (Part 1 of 2)
Alyssa, after an extensive interview with Syrena and Mr. M, experiences her first ever on camera paddling.
Monica's Punishment for Flashing Continues (Part 2)
Michael decides that the wooden spoon over her pants is not enough of a punishment for Monica's flashing episode at...
Claire and Jordyn Paddled (Part 2 of 2)
Jordyn is called in next. She bends over to receive a very hard paddling over her jeans by the Principal.
Katie Wakes Up Late
Katie set her alarm but something failed because she is late to class. J bends her over for a hard caning.
Claire and Jordyn Paddled (Part 1 of 2)
Claire and Jordyn are sent, with their pink slips, to see The Principal. Claire is called in first. She is bent over and...
Spanked for Stealing Alcohol (Part 2 of 2)
Mr. M then visits Syrena's bedroom where she is given a hard punishment over the jeans with the belt. Both girls are left...
Spanked for Stealing Alcohol (Part 1 of 2)
Mr. M confronts Syrena and Alyssa about the alcohol bottles being low. He knows the girls are lying and he sends them to...
Monica: Sent Home for Flashing (Part 1)
Mr. M must go down to school to pick up Monica as a result of her playfully flashing one of her friends. The act was...
Roxie: Spanked for Sleeping Late
Mr. M comes home from the gym to find Roxie still asleep in bed. She is late for school and testing his patience. She is...
Riley: Spanked and a Mouth Soaping
Riley is spanked hard with the belt in her bedroom due to inappropriate photo posts and foul language on Facebook. She is...
Autumn: Paddled in School
Autumn is bent over and paddled over her jeans for cursing.
Faces: Autumn
Autumn is put into position with her pants and panties down, and her shirt up. She is then spanked with a series of...
Caught Stealing (Part 2 )
Jordyn is then bent over and paddled over her jeans. Both Clair and Jordyn are told to remove their jeans and panties, and...
Caught Stealing (Part 1 of 2)
Mr. M catches two ladies stealing packages from his property and drags them inside. The girls beg him not to call the...
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