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Monica's Lingerie Punishment (Part 2 of 2)
Betty returns after going through Monica's phone to find some very risque photos. She instructs Monica to strip and lay...
Alyssa: Drunk and Rude at Dinner Party
Michael chose to ignore the fact that Alyssa had a couple drinks at his party, but when her behavior turns rude, he...
Monica's Lingerie Punishment (Part 1 of 2)
Betty's flight is cancelled, so she comes home to find Monica taking selfies in some of Betty's lingerie. Betty wastes no...
Roxie: Cane vs. Paddle
Roxie is interviewed and spanked with a Cane and a Paddle to determine which implement reigns true as the ultimate...
Devon is Pulled from Class and Paddled
Mrs. Cross pulls Devon from class and paddles her for her ongoing disruptive behavior.
A Bad Attitude Gets You No Where
Arguing, Mr. M and Syrena walk into the house where he demands her concert ticket for the night. She goes upstairs, but...
Lila Forgets to Fill Up the Gas Tank... Again!
Lila forgets to fill up the gas tank in the car. Betty needed to use it first thing in the morning. Betty takes Lila OTK...
Devon is Spanked OTK by Sasha
Mr. M and Sasha decide that Devon is in need of a spanking for her bad behavior. She is called down to the kitchen and...
Syrena: Skipping School and Nude Sunbathing
Mr. M comes home to find Syrena laying out, sunbathing nude and skipping school. She is spanked laying down on a lawn...
A Bratty Maid Punished (Part 2 of 2)
Obviously Miss Betty is annoyed, seeing as it's now 5:00 and KJ has only cleaned 3 out of the 6 bathrooms in the house. So...
Jordyn Borrows and Ruins Betty's Shirt
Betty marches Jordyn into her bedroom and asks her why the shirt she lent Jordyn is now ruined. With barely a reply, Betty...
A Bratty Maid Punished (Part 1 of 2)
KJ shows up late to work, and Miss Betty wastes no time letting KJ know how upset she is. Not only is KJ late, but she is...
Faces with Kiki
After a brief interview, Kiki receives a long handspanking for a new installment of "Faces".
Two Girls Punished with the Belt (Part 2 of 2)
Monica bends over to take Riley's place and receives a hard belting over her jeans. Danny then lectures them both and...
The Return of Raquel
Raquel returns to us and submits to another Punishment Profile and OTK hand spanking from Mr. M.
Two Girls Punished with the Belt (part 1 of 2)
Danny finds drug paraphernalia in Riley's room and confronts her about it. She acts as though she has no idea as to what...
The Most Severe Mouthsoaping Ever
In a real discipline session with Michael Masterson, Syrena finds out exactly what happens when the boss is truly...
Kiki: Tawse Punishment
Kiki learns that she is never too old for a hard strapping. Her bottom is bared and set on fire with the tawse.
Roxie and Syrena: a Hard Strapping (Part 2)
After listening to Roxie receive her punishment, Syrena is then taken into the bedroom for her own severe session with the...
Devon's Birthday Spanking
Devon is given a choice of how many strokes with each implement she would like to receive for her Birthday Spanking from...
Roxie and Syrena: a Hard Strapping (Part 1)
Roxie and Syrena are marched upstairs for a long session with the belt. Roxie is brought into the bedroom for a full force...
Autumn's Birthday Spanking
Autumn is given a choice of how many strokes with each implement she would like to receive for her Birthday Spanking from...
Riley's Voyeur Spanking (Part 2)
Much to the delight of Riley's little brother, after her bottom is spanked with a shoe, it seems the punishment is not...
Roxie: A Hard School Paddling
After she elects to take corporal punishment, an administrator has Roxie choose a heavy wooden paddle, then bends her over...
A Hard Voyeur Spanking for Riley (Part 1)
Riley's little brother just loves it when his sister gets a spanking. Knowing that she is going to get a spanking before...
Bare Breasted Strapping
Evie's breasts and bottom are exposed for a strapping, after she is caught not wearing a bra.
Spanked Cheerleader
Mr. Heisenberg brings Kajira into an empty classroom where she is bent over and spanked cheek to cheek with a wooden...
Paddled for Smoking (Part 2 of 2)
Alyssa is then bent over and paddled over her jeans for smoking.
Punishment Profile: Evie
25 year old Evie is introduced and given her first on camera spanking, a fully nude OTK hand spanking.
Paddled for Smoking (Part 1 of 2)
Monica and Alyssa are paddled for smoking. Monica is bent over and paddled over her shorts, while Alyssa waits her turn.
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